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Eastern Hawks’ Hot Takes

We all have hot takes – those opinions that may be viewed as odd, but that we feel very strongly about. While Eastern students have some similarities (ie. they all go to the same school), there are still bound to be differences in opinion. I went on a mission to see what the students of Eastern consider their unpopular hot takes, and just how hot those takes actually are.

“I hate bell peppers! They’re the most disgusting thing on the planet!” – Lucy Cobb (‘23)

“Basketball’s a dumb sport. They score too much, they go back and forth at the same consistent rate, and it’s way too easy to score. It’s just back-and-forth and back-and-forth! *mimics someone shooting a ball and then running*.” – Mr. Grover

“Football is the best sport.”- Brandon Ford (‘25)

“If you’re not eating bananas with peanut butter, you don’t deserve to live” – Lily Gleason (‘25)

“Playoff hockey is better than playoff basketball. There’s nothing better than watching 6’5” Russian dudes slam each other into plexiglass.” – James Dempsey (‘25)

“Wendy’s NEEDS to bring back the vanilla frosty!” – Lindsey Soet (‘24)

“I don’t like the Godfather. It’s just overhyped.” – Alyssa Zawacki (‘23)

“Valentine’s is better than Christmas. Number 1 holiday, always!” – Mrs. Barnes

“Celery is good.” – Rishika Kokkula (‘24)

“Carrots and peanut butter is actually a fantastic combination” – Kendra Rhein (‘24)

“Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate.” – Maren Lowry (‘25)

“People who are good at Game Pidgeon are good at everything.” – Elena LeCompte (‘25)

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