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What is My Singing Monsters?

Imagine this: it’s 2016 and you just opened one of your favorite games – My Singing Monsters. You open it and it reveals a whole world of monsters who create music, and you work hard to make yours the best. Over the years, the game My Singing Monsters has dwindled in interest, and many people have stopped playing. It’s likely been a few years since you last played that incredible game, and after stumbling across it again on TikTok you wonder if people still play it. You come across more and more videos about the app and you realize that the game is gaining popularity once again. So you re-download the game with excitement, ready to play the nostalgic game. 

The play of the game is relatively simple, even though there are multiple different monsters and numerous distinct islands. The beginning of the game starts on the main island, Plant Island, where players are given one of four single-element monsters and a breeding structure. On plant island, the elements are rock, snow, water, and plant, and the player can breed these into new monsters with different element combinations. In order to be able to breed these monsters, the player needs to bake food for them and feed them so that they level up to at least level four. The higher the level a monster is, the more gold it earns. Once monsters reach level fifteen, you can then transport them to different islands. There are five main elements for the first five islands, but there are only four elements per island. So each island has a different combination of monsters, producing a different song. Each new monster has an entirely different look and sound, producing lots of variety among the different islands. All of the monsters sing songs without words, except for the exclusive Weirdos, who add lyrics to each core island. The first five islands are the “core” islands, and the easiest to achieve. Also, on each one of these core islands, there are also ethereal monsters available to breed, only these monsters have a 1% chance of spawning. Finally, during holidays there are events where seasonal monsters are available to breed and buy. 

Islands also are available to decorate. There are endless items to choose from if the player chooses to decorate their island. Pathways, structures, statues, and torches are some of the numerous different embellishments available to add to islands. Even more decor options unlock as players level up, allowing for more options for creativity. Different monsters like different items, and if you place them next to an item that they like, then their gold productivity goes up and the player earns more gold. Players can even vote on which island they like the best, and the top islands are ranked every week for people to view. 

Another reason that this game has gained recent popularity is you can friend others and view their creations. In the app, you can share your friend code with your friends, allowing you to be able to view their islands, send them gifts, and light their torches. Having torches lit increases a player’s chance of breeding rare and epic monsters, so many people will take the chance to light other people’s torches for free, instead of the player paying for their own torches to be lit. An additional thing that players can do with their friends is create a Tribal Island, which is a collaborative island where each player will teleport one monster and they work with other monsters to earn Starpower. This island levels up depending on how much each player feeds the monster on that island. Finally, there is an island called “Composer Island” where players can create their own song with monsters and send them into the world for everyone to see.

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