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Trash for a Cause: The 2022 NHS Can Drive

Michigan is one of ten states in the United States with container deposit legislation (also known as “bottle bills”), allowing cans and bottles to be returned for ten cents back. Many customers faithfully return cans, doing their part to help the environment while happily collecting the extra five bucks. This November, NHS is using the law to its advantage, holding a pop can drive with all profits donated to Kids’ Food Basket. 

Last weekend on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th, members of NHS passed flyers around different neighborhoods for the event. If you live in Deerview, Flowers Crossing, Aberdeen Valley, Grand Valley Estates, Arbor Hills, Waterleaf, Kensington Woods, Blackberry, Flowers Mill, or Catamount, keep this information in mind! On November 19th at 10:00 am, NHS members will circle all neighborhoods to collect bags of cans and bottles left out near driveways. The cans will be brought to and returned at Meijer, and profits will go toward Kids’ Food Basket. 

National Honor Society is helping multiple causes with the can drive. All collected profits will benefit the organization NHS has pledged to support throughout the year, Kids’ Food Basket. Kids’ Food Basket can use this money to buy materials they need, including bags and food products. Since the school year is their busy season, the money surely will not be wasted! Additionally, returning the cans helps the environment. Instead of heading straight to the landfill, cans and bottles are sold to companies that will recycle them to make new cans and bottles. Returned cans or bottles from the drive could potentially end up back on Meijer shelves again. 

Following the success of the blood drive, the Eastern National Honor Society hopes this event can compare. Remember to support both Eastern and Kids’ Food Basket on the 19th if you live in one of these neighborhoods, and leave your empty cans and bottles out by 10:00!

Featured image courtesy of Syracuse. 

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