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Tips and Tricks on How to Thrift

Over the past couple of years, going thrifting with friends has become a trend among teenagers. Searching through rows of donated clothes and finding a diamond in the rough is sort of like treasure hunting, but for clothes. Many people find thrifting exciting because when you go, you never know what you could find. Maybe it’s a cute jacket or a pair of worn but well mary janes, but whatever you find you are sure to cherish because the search is arguably the best part of the experience. Whether you already enjoy thrifting as a part of your routine, or you want to start thrifting, here are some tips and tricks to help you find the coolest and cutest articles of clothing. 

  1. Make sure to look everywhere. 

Many thrift stores aren’t the most organized. Sometimes it is hard to classify articles of apparel as masculine clothes or feminine clothes, and this leads them to be mixed around the store. Also, when people pick up items, they might not always put them back where they belong, meaning they could be anywhere. Literally anywhere in the store, there have been clothes left in the dressing rooms, on the floor under racks, and found by the electronics section. Finally, there are usually no two same items at the thrift store, so make sure that you look at all of the options, just in case you would have missed one just by scanning the aisle. 

  1. Ask your local store when they restock.

If you want to get the best pick of newly donated clothes, make sure that you ask your store when they do major restocks. Most of the time if you arrive at the thrift store early in the morning or just as they are opening, then you would have the first pick of the items that were recently set to display. If you wanted the newest of new in the thrift store, then make sure that you know what days of the week the store resupplies. Lastly, most thrift stores are busiest on the weekends, so try to do the majority of your shopping on weekdays to avoid the crowds. 

  1. Wear clothes that allow you to try items on.

More often than not, most thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms. If they do, then they are usually full or the doors don’t lock. To avoid this hassle, try to wear clothes that easily allow you to try items on in the store. Wearing a tank top easily allows you to slip on shirts in the aisle and helps you avoid buying them and then having to return them because they do not fit. It’s also important that you wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off in case you find a pair of shoes that you like, and always wear socks. Another benefit that comes from wearing easily changeable clothes is that it saves you a ton of time, allowing you to be more efficient. 

  1. Shop off-season.

If you are shopping specifically for a seasonal item, then you should definitely look for it in the thrift during its off-season. For example, if you are looking for sundresses and sandals, look for them during the winter months. When clothes are not in seasonal demand, then they are usually cheaper compared to when they are in demand. So remember to think ahead while summer shopping in December. Also, when thrift stores are selling holiday clothes like Christmas and Halloween, check after the season has ended because those clothes often go on clearance. 

  1. Donate!

If you are someone who regularly thrifts, try to give back and donate the items that you might not wear as much.  Those clothes that are sitting under your bed and at the bottom of your closet should probably be sent back into the thrift cycle, allowing others to enjoy clothes that you don’t use anymore. Even so, some thrift stores give discounts to those who donate items to the store, so if there are some clothes that are never worn, send them on their way!

  1. Check for damages.

Always, always, always check the clothes that you grab or the items that you pick for broken parts, stains, and rips because nobody wants to pay for something that is damaged. If you see something that you were going to buy but it has a rip in it, put it back unless you are positive that you can fix it. Rips in clothes can cause them to quickly shrivel apart if not fixed. Also, don’t purchase clothes that have stains on them because first of all, ew, and second of all, the stain might not come out and you just spent money on something you’ll never wear. Finally, if you see something that you are dead set on buying, even though it is damaged, you can try to talk with the cashier to try and lower the price of the broken item in order to get a better deal.

  1. Keep it clean!

When you go to the thrift, remember that not everything in there is at its cleanest, so you should probably bring some hand sanitizer, or at least go wash your hands afterward. Also, make sure that you wash and clean any items that you purchase from a thrift store. You don’t know where those items came from, so it is always a good idea to make sure you clean them yourself so you know that they are clean. 

  1. Go Often.

Thrift stores are different than your average clothing store because they don’t get regular shipments of clothing and they only have one of each item. So if you want to maximize your options, you will have to go often in order to make sure you see as many items as you can. Also, every time you go, there will be different options so it will always be worth it. 

  1. Check all the sizes. 

As said previously, thrift stores aren’t the most organized of stores so there will often be clothes that aren’t your size in your size section, and vice versa. Most of the time, people go for baggy clothes when thrifting, and if that is your goal, then definitely check the other size sections. Finally, different brands run their sizes differently so even if you are usually a size medium, you might fit in a different brand’s large. 

  1. Have fun!

Overall, just have fun looking through all the different clothing brands and old knick-knacks that you might find scattered around the thrift store. Bring some friends and enjoy yourself. 

There you have it folks, ten quick tips to help you find the perfect gear at Goodwill, or wherever you get your second-hand goods. Hopefully, these tips aid you in your search and will allow you to find the greatest thrift finds ever. So save up some cash, grab some buddies, and stop in for a look and see what you find. 

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