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The Blood Drive Booms Back

The Thursday before Halloween, it wasn’t just fake blood being spilled. October 27th marked the return of the NHS blood drive, where students sign up for time slots to donate their blood in the comforts of the aux gym. Partnering with the Versiti Blood Center of Michigan, the National Honor Society surpassed its goal of 55 units of blood by 5 this fall, with 60 total units from students and teachers. Each much-needed unit of blood will help save three lives in the greater Grand Rapids area. 

The blood drive was a massive success in terms of numbers. Many students signed up and were happy to get their blood drawn. Junior Parker Thompson states, “I’m very happy to know I helped the cause.” Each new donor received a 25-dollar gift card, and all donors are notified as to where in Michigan their blood was needed. The blood drive also assisted NHS members in earning an easy two hours of volunteering, which counts toward a portion of the hours to maintain their spot in the club. Since the National Honor Society met its goal, it received a monetary donation from the Versiti Blood Center. This extra money will go towards Kids Food Basket, so two causes are being supported by the blood drive. 

Although the blood drive was productive, there was also some trouble with student health. Many passed out from getting their blood drawn. Parker had a unique experience, not passing out but instead having the needle knocked out of his arm during the blood-drawing process. He says of the incident, “It didn’t hurt much, but I was really just shocked.” Many others passed out during or after the process, like junior Reagan Carpenter. After getting her blood drawn, Reagan passed out near the sign-out desk and was caught by none other than NHS head Mrs. Barnes. Reagan describes the experience, saying, “It was like in the movies when you wake up and there are people standing all around you. ”Although, in the end, Reagan decided “It was worth it to save three lives.”

The National Honors Society looks forward to the upcoming blood drive on February 23rd. The format will be the same, with digital sign-ups on the Versiti website and the blood-drawing process in the aux gym. It is important to know that if you wish to participate in the blood drive, you have to meet all requirements including weight and iron content. Keep in mind the preparation required for donating blood for the upcoming blood drive in February! Parker explains, “I’m glad I donated and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference. Just make sure you prepare better than I did– make sure to eat a full breakfast and take some iron supplements!”

Featured image courtesy of Versiti.


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