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Kornacki the Khaki King

Rising to national fame in 2020 due to his coverage of the presidential election, Steve Kornacki returned to television to outline the 2022 midterm elections this past week. The MSNBC and NBC Correspondent, 43 became known as the “Khaki King” for his signature khaki pants that he wore throughout the 4 tedious days of vote-counting and poll-watching during the 2020 election. Kornacki instantly became a bright spot amidst the divisive race, with viewers loving his nerdy charisma, enthusiasm for the election, witty remarks, and dedication to informing Americans about his poll predictions.

Kornacki didn’t take a break from map-pointing to even sleep during the first 36 hours of the presidential race, leaving viewers concerned about how he was to fare in the intense midterm season. This year, MSNBC heard the demands for more Kornacki footage and created a “Kornacki Cam Livestream,” which allowed viewers to watch Kornacki as he crunched numbers on his personal calculator and tapped away at the magic whiteboard showing the poll results. The live cam quickly started trending on Twitter as anxious voters tweeted about their joy at once again seeing Kornacki grace their screens.

One of the top “Steve Sightings” of the night was when the panel of MSNBC hosts asked about the very close race for Senate in Arizona. Kornacki quickly analyzed the votes on the board and then shuffled around a shockingly large amount of disorganized paper until he found and triumphantly held up the paper full of stats. Viewers also loved the sight of Kornacki using a handheld calculator, similar to those seen in algebra classes, to crunch numbers that could be much more easily solved by a laptop or by the number of statisticians working on the election at MSNBC. These down-to-Earth moments, alongside his khakis, are what seem to make Steve Kornacki so appealing to his audience.

As the midterms wind down, viewers are left wondering, “When will we next see Steve?” While he would typically retire back into hibernation until the presidential election of 2024, there is a chance he’ll be seen again relatively soon due to his expanding role at MSNBC. He tracked the Olympics medals this past year and is expected to do so again for the next Olympic games. It seems that 2024 will be a big year for Steve, with both the Olympics and the presidential election. 

Never fear, Kornacki lovers, Georgia was unable to get a definitive winner in the Senate, meaning that a run-off race will occur at the beginning of December. It’s expected that Steve and his khakis will only be gone for a few weeks before diving right back into his explanations of various Georgian counties’ voting procedures!

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