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How Soon Is Too Soon?

When November rolls around each year, a great debate begins before the spooky decorations are taken down. Is it too early to start listening to holiday music? Some people swear that holiday music is perfectly acceptable as soon as November 1st. Others argue that even thinking about the holidays, especially the music before Thanksgiving is “just wrong.” And then there is the kind of people who refuse to listen to it until December. Then there are those such as my own dad who dislike holiday music altogether; those people commonly referred to as Grinches on social media.

I had great pleasure in hearing everyone’s opinion surrounding this debate. Just as someone would expect, I found people with all the beliefs previously stated. Freshman Darcy Gipson says “I would say after Thanksgiving is acceptable because that is when the Christmas spirit really begins.”  Roughly three other people agreed with her opinion. On the other hand, Lily Russell (‘26) is a diehard Holiday music fan who begins listening to holiday classics on November 1st. “Undoubtedly I believe one hundred percent that Christmas music starts November first, and that is it,” Lily stated. In my opinion, the best argument so far has been “Holiday music starts as soon as the first snowflake falls.” It seems like a valid point, but not if it doesn’t snow until after the holidays. 

Since I have sucked you in this far, might as well admit I was listening to holiday music the entire time it took me to write this and I have no regrets. I suppose though, starting listening to it later is better than not listening to it at all. But in the end, when is the right time to start? I guess we will never know, but most of our opinions are perfectly valid.

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