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The Return of Mini Pumpkins

October ushers in spooky movies, ghastly ghouls, and candy corn by the barrel. Candy corn is known for being one of the most controversial candies of all time, with its white, yellow, and orange layers inciting a visceral feeling within every consumer. But what about its overlooked younger brother: the candy pumpkin? Produced by the same company, Brach’s, candy corn and candy pumpkins have similar tastes (depending on who is being asked) and are made of relatively the same ingredients. However, these sweets are not interchangeable, at least according to students at Eastern High School.

When sophomore Lily Gleason was asked whether she preferred mellow creme pumpkins or candy corn, she valiantly argued in favor of the gourds, exclaiming, “Those are the best!”  This cry of excitement led to dirty looks from James Dempsey (‘25), who rather vehemently explained that “you are taking something repulsive in candy corn and simply changing the shape.” This point by James led back to the contentious question over whether candy corn is good or not, which appears to be the root of consumers’ like or dislike of candy pumpkins.

Other students, such as Lindsey Soet (‘24), argue that these candies are delicious seasonally, but would be wretched if they were available year-round. “It’s a weird thing for me.  I love [candy corn and candy pumpkins], but I can only have them for the month of October.  Out of that season, they make me sick to my stomach and I want to vomit,” Lindsey explained.  While mini pumpkins are available online year-round, they are only sold in stores around the start of September when the Halloween candy is brought out.

No matter how controversial these candies are, there’s no denying that mini pumpkins are a staple of Halloween and the season of fall. The orange mellow creme melts incite a feeling of seasonal joy in some, and the wretches of disgust in others.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Craig Craig

    The big question is “do you eat the candy all at once, or do you eat each color separately.” Personally, I prefer separately.

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