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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Greenwood

This year FHE has welcomed 5 new teachers to the building. Among them is charismatic Elyse Greenwood. Ms. Greenwood currently teaches English 9, English 10, and senior Creative Writing.

Growing up in Bay City, Michigan, Ms. Greenwood spent her high school years participating in an array of sports such as cross country, basketball, and soccer. After graduating high school, she double majored in English and Secondary Education at Grand Valley State University. She then student taught Kentwood’s Pinewood middle school and now just began her first year teaching at FHE. 

Ms. Greenwood currently teaches three different classes spanning across three different grade levels. Although she doesn’t find this schedule to be difficult, she did mention that the variety of classes “definitely keeps me on my toes.” When asked about the sharp contrast between teaching seniors one hour and freshmen the next, Ms. Greenwood replied by saying “it’s really fun… [but] the hardest part [about it] is the atmosphere of the classes. Seniors are just so much more serious, and the maturity is very different than when I go to [teach] my freshmen. I forget that I need to remind [the freshmen] to stay in their seats all of the time and other behavioral things.”

When asked about her experience at FHE thus far, Ms. Greenwood had nothing but positive things to share. The first thing that came to mind was the community at FHE. “My favorite part so far has been getting to know everybody. [The school] is big enough that you have a lot of people to meet, but there’s still a great community,” Ms. Greenwood explained.

Despite just recently joining the FHE community, Ms. Greenwood has managed to create an open, welcoming atmosphere within her classroom for students and staff members alike.

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