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Qualms About Quizlet

Students have been consistently migrating to Quizlet for years in order to study, but it appears that’s all coming to an end. Quizlet is a website that offers tests, flashcards, and other learning tools for students. It’s commonly used in language-based classes, as it allows for easy studying of vocabulary and grammar through flashcards and repeated memorization drills. Quizlet has always been free with ads, but at the beginning of the school year, it began requiring payments in order to use the Learn and Test features after five rounds. 

A yearly subscription to QuizletPlus is $36, while a monthly subscription is $8. QuizletPlus provides students with unlimited opportunities to use the Learn and Test features, both of which were free to the public mere months ago. Some students feel that Quizlet is so strongly engrained in their study habits that they have succumbed to purchasing the yearly subscription. “It’s just that I’ve become dependent on [Quizlet] and I’ve formed my study habits around using the platform, so it’d be too difficult for me to switch over. Switching my habits also requires too much effort and time that I don’t have,” lamented Lindsey Soet (‘24).

Some students, such as Eden Hostetter (‘25), say that the new cost doesn’t really affect them. “I only ever use Flashcards, so this doesn’t change anything for me,” Eden explained.  This sentiment is a widespread one, with students saying that they will simply use their friends’ QuizletPlus accounts if they truly need to use a learning tool other than Flashcards.

Among these new changes, users who do not want to pay are looking for alternatives that provide the same benefits as Quizlet once did. One free app called Knowt has been going viral on TikTok, but still has a significantly smaller following than Quizlet, with only 50,000 students using the app as opposed to Quizlet’s 60 million users. 

Quizlet will likely remain the most used studying platform at Eastern; however, many students may be forking over a piece of their paycheck to the company as the school year progresses. 

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