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Hike Out a Hype

2:35 PM; the time every person eagerly awaited. Suddenly, voices erupt on campus, and crowds of students head out. High school students take themselves all over the place, whether near in a snap of time or far for hours of traveling. This is what Kendra Kuiper (‘24) had done after school each day. She drives well, even though there’s some possibility that the car might be hit due to some incidents. 

Kendra sets out to take another hike at Provin Trails with her two friends each week. In a group of three, they hike for two hours around the trail while taking selfies and photos of themselves. “It’s the same trail, but different feelings rush out every time,” Kendra explains.

Afterward, crossing the street to Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery was constant. The scent of ripe fruits flows with the wind and adds to the fresh sacks of baked goods, like sugar and glazed donuts. Kendra and her friends walk back and put hammocks on a hill nearby. The sound of music comes gradually, but a “thump” breaks the calmness, followed by laughter. As the sun closes to the horizon, three friends walk back down the hill in opposition to the long shadow lines from the trees. 

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