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Clenching A Victory: Hawks Defeat Ottawa Hills

Team Name Score
Ottawa Hills 1
Forest Hills Eastern 5

Last night the Hawks squared off against Ottawa Hills at Houseman Field for what FHE thought was going to be an easy win. With Ottawa Hills only having one victory under their belts this season coupled with a win by FHE’s the JV team, there was minimal stress heading into the game. 

The Hawks were met with a stalemate in the first half, leaving the players and spectators alike with an uneasy feeling. There was a consistent back-and-forth motion; the ball would roll to one end of the field, the other team would gain possession, the ball would travel to the other end of the field, and back again. The constant turnovers left little time for much else in the first half, with only a mere 10 shots taken by both teams combined. 

Noah McGraw (’24) and Cody Soet (’23) hype up Clune Van Andel (’23) after scoring against Ottawa Hills.

Fortunately, the Hawks made a quick comeback with sophomore Carson Tucker scoring the first goal of the game just over two minutes into the second half. This sparked a scoring frenzy for FHE; within a span of 17 minutes, 5 goals were scored against Ottawa Hills. Senior captain Clune Van Andel led the charge scoring 2 goals, along with goals made by Tobi Thielmann (‘24) and senior captain Noah Pfister. Noah’s goal was especially noteworthy, as it was his first since returning from a torn hamstring. “It was really fun to be playing again, and especially since I usually [don’t play at] attack, so I thought I might as well shoot. It was honestly one of the best goals I’ve ever made – I wouldn’t ever be able to replicate it,” Noah explained. 

Although many fall sports are just beginning to get into the thick of their seasons, the last regular season game for the soccer team is next Monday, September 26th, against East Kentwood High School. Following this, the Hawks will compete in the annual OK Gold tournament, so don’t be afraid to show up to support FHE!

Images courtesy of Kristen Soet.

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