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Carl Azuz Leaves CNN 10

Carl Azuz is an American journalist best known for hosting CNN 10. He is currently 33, so he still has a big career ahead of him. He was a part of nearly all high school history classes. He made history fun for all ages by using puns to inform his young audience about current events. Fans were heartbroken to hear that the beloved host Carl Azuz would no longer be working for CNN. The shocking development caused an array of questions to arise. Did he quit? Did he get fired? Is he dead?

News about Carl leaving CNN sent people into a frenzy. Rumors spread that he died. Many were angry at CNN, announcing that they would refuse to watch CNN 10 until Carl Azuz returned. Students here at FHE were making rumors of their own. Senior Leah Hicks says “I think Carl had a romantic relationship with the founder, Ted Turner, of CNN 10 and had to quit because it was too painful for Carl to deal with since he has a wife and a dog.” Although this isn’t likely, people made many assumptions about what happened to Carl. 

CNN made a statement to the U.S sun, saying “Carl is leaving the company due to a personal decision, and we wish him the very best in his next chapter and future adventures.” This reveals that Carl left on his own terms, was not fired, and is still alive, but people still wonder why he left. There are many possibilities as to what happened to Carl. Carl recently posted a TikTok saying that his fans might see him soon. Does this mean Carl will be returning to the spotlight?

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