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Another One?

A new day a new slay, or a new sibling? For Ceci Whitmer, it’s both. Her life is fairly “normal” for a junior; she wakes up, brushes her teeth, and picks out her school clothes each day. Although she is a lot like Cher from Clueless, there is one difference between the two; she has 7 siblings. 

Ceci is the second oldest of 7 kids. She feels like her family is chaotic but her mom keeps them in check. Ceci also has to help take care of her younger siblings from time to time. She helps clean the house, although her room is usually messy. Her parents love to have Ceci as a free babysitter, but she doesn’t feel the same way.

When asked about who the favorite child is, Ceci responded by saying “I am not the favorite child – that would have to be George or Madine.” George is the youngest at age7, and Madine, a senior in high school, is the oldest. 

 A common misconception about large families is that they only have hand-me-downs. Most of Ceci’s clothes are new or thrifted, not handed down from Madine. She did mention that it is a different story for her younger siblings, as they do tend to get a few hand-me-downs from her and Madine. Many people also assume that Ceci and her siblings are packed into one bedroom like sardines. Ceci did in fact confirm that she does have her own room. However, her younger siblings once again drew the short stick and have to share a room. 

In most families, the oldest child usually acts as a role model for the younger siblings. Although Ceci is not the oldest,  once her sister leaves all of those responsibilities will be passed on to her. When I asked about this she didn’t seem too worried about it. 

As of now, Ceci has made no concrete plans for her future. Her only plan at the moment is to not get a pet chihuahua, but the future seems bright for this busy junior. 

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