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A Different Passion

When most people think of horses, they don’t typically think of competitive equestrian. This is not the case for freshman Lily Russel. Lily has been an equestrian for nine years and was eager to join the FHE equestrian team in high school, only to discover that there no longer is one. “I was very disappointed when I found out. I just thought since Northern and Central have one it would be the same [at FHE],” Lily recalled. 

When asked about her thoughts on a potential equestrian team, Lily seemed optimistic. She thinks it would be a great idea to get many kids involved with a new opportunity. “I think there are enough people because just in [the freshman class] alone, I can think of four people off the top of my head and I think if we combine all the people from all the grades we would have a big enough team,” Lily explained, “I think it would be a good alternative for people who may not be interested in other activities.” Lily also mentioned how an equestrian team would benefit the school. She explained how it would provide students with another opportunity to become involved in sports, especially fellow equestrians who may not have a chance to ride outside of a school-organized setting.

Beneath all of her thoughts surrounding the equestrian team, Lily’s main reasoning came down to the fact that an equestrian team would create a positive, supportive community within FHE. She wants an equestrian-centered community where she can connect with more people who share her love for equestrian.


  1. Geraldine Nault Geraldine Nault

    This article has a positive attitude about a sport that is missing from the FHE lineup. Something to think about! Well written article.

  2. Cheryl Carter Cheryl Carter

    I agree that FHE would really benefit from an equestrian team! Nice article!

  3. Gianna Conflitti Gianna Conflitti

    Nicely written, Avery!

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