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We Will Miss You, Ms. Thompson!

Among all the teachers at Eastern, Ms. Thompson is one of the most unique and revered. As Director of the middle school, concert, and symphony orchestras at FHE, and also a facilitator of the National Honor Society, she has had her hands full as an integral staff member at the school. However, Ms. Thompson is moving on from Eastern this year and entering the next stage in her career as a musician and music educator. 

Over the course of her time here, Ms. Thompson has gained treasurable experiences that have allowed her to impart some pieces of wisdom. She shares with the students that they should “be the best that they can be; whatever that ability level is, to just keep trying to do their best.” Ms. Thompson constantly strives to do so — she enforces it strongly at “every practice, every rehearsal, every concert.” Specifically, at Eastern, Ms. Thompson remarks that the students here “respond to being pushed. There’s a sense of kindness here, very polite, and caring,” which led her to admit that she “will miss the students the most.” At times, Ms. Thompson’s “type A personality” can get the best of her, causing her to dial down on her students and really focus on the music. However, when this happens, she likes to remember that “the students chill me out, they help calm me down.” As she moves on from FHE, she will always remember each and every student. As a music teacher, she has had the “amazing, unique opportunity to be with students for seven years.” Just as each student’s life has been influenced by her, Ms. Thompson has been greatly influenced by her students.

Ms. Thompson’s music career, however, is far from over. She is now eagerly awaiting the future, where she plans to improve her own personal skills as a cellist by freelancing with symphonies, working as a guest conductor, and continuing to be both a teacher and learner. For the past 18 years, she has been part of the Signature String Quartet, which regularly performs for weddings, recitals, concerts, and other gigs throughout the year. 

As a member of the orchestra program myself, I personally can attest to my development as both a string player and a student greatly to Ms. Thompson. Not only has she been with the seniors for seven years, but she has also helped them outside of school in gigs, small performances, and vacation trips. Ms. Thompson has left a long-lasting mark on FHE and will be immensely missed as she moves on in life. It is not a sad moment; in fact, she concludes that she is “excited for the new adventures that lay ahead.” We will miss you, Ms. Thompson! 

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