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The Rackets are Out! – Keeping Up With Girls Varsity Tennis

Spring sports started last month, and although it is fairly early into the season, this didn’t prevent the strong-willed girls on the varsity tennis team from having a bold start. Tennis is an elegantly aggressive sport that requires intense coordination and strategy. The team’s skill was displayed when they took on Wayland Union High School with full force during the intense match. 

The radiant sunshine beamed down onto Forest Hills Eastern High School as the girls confidently walked onto the courts. As they warmed up, the strident sound of ricochetting tennis balls back and forth echoed throughout the area. The team has faced Wayland in the past, but their focus and determination remained constant to take the victory. With every striving swing and every fierce hit, the girl’s varsity tennis team was able to accomplish their goal, making it a match to remember. However, it wasn’t just the win that they obtained but also pride, especially for team captain Natalie Mouw (‘23)  alongside  Bee Heymoss (‘23),  Palak Rekhani (‘22), and Rhonie Doctor (‘22).

For Natalie, tennis is an important part of her family; both of her parents played tennis in high school, and ever since she was little they never missed an opportunity to take Natalie and her siblings out to the courts during the summer. Carrying her athletic passion and hard work throughout her high school career has granted Natalie the position of team captain this season. The role entails several responsibilities such as communicating with the coach, keeping the team updated with the schedule, and being the embodiment of leadership and optimism. Natalie does this by striving to be a positive role model and uplifting her fellow teammates on and off the court. In return, the team is encouraging to one another and never fails to have outstanding sportsmanship. Natalie loves how with each practice and match the girls become better connected and she is “always proud of them for their positivity and how they always put on a professional face.” Although most members have known each other from last year, the newcomers to the team have fit in seamlessly. 

The match against Wayland filled Natalie with high hopes while she trusted that everyone will give their all. The team had no trouble doing this as they performed with dedication and fervency during the game. Looking toward the future, Natalie is excited to rematch the schools they’ve played before to solidify their position in the conference match just around the corner. Competition aside, what she is mainly anticipating to see is “how the girls will grow even closer and where that takes us into the summer and then coming back next year even stronger.”

The season so far has been one of anticipation, compassion, and commitment as the girls build their teamwork and grow as athletes this spring. With the majority of their matches being undefeated, there is no doubt that the team will take with them more wins and a greater amount of dignity. 

Image courtesy of Meredith Mcdonough.

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