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New White House Press Secretary

On May 5th, President Biden announced the new Press Secretary: Karine Jean-Pierre. She is the first black woman and the first open LGBTQ person to assume the position. She is set to begin her new role on May 13 this year. The current Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is leaving to pursue a role at MSNBC where she will host her own show on Peacock for the news service. Jean-Pierre already has experience working in the press and the White House. She has been the deputy press secretary under Psaki and already appeared at the podium multiple times. Psaki was one of the most notable of Biden’s staff. During her press interviews, she had been known to shut down hostile questions that lead to misinformation while also bringing respect back to the press room. With Jean-Pierre stepping into Psaki’s role, she will continue that tradition of the respected, trustworthy press.

Jean-Pierre was born in Martinique to Haitian parents. She was raised in Queens, New York. She attended Columbia University and received a Master of Public Affairs degree. She is experienced in the political field as well, having served as a senior advisor to President Biden during his campaign in 2020. In August of 2020, she was named chief of staff to Biden’s VP nominee who was not yet announced. She also worked for Obama during his presidency assisting Biden when he was the Vice President.

President Biden said in a statement that “[Jean-Pierre] not only brings experience, talent and integrity needed for this difficult job, but she will continue to lead the way in communicating about the work of the Biden-Harris Administration on behalf of the American people.” Press secretary is a taxing position and Jean-Pierre will make sure the job is done right. Katrine Jean-Pierre will continue to bring dignity and decorum back to the press room.

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