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National Honor Society’s 2021-2022 Year: A Recap

The National Honor Society (NHS), a nationwide organization that works to unite high-achieving high school students, has chapters all over the country. Focusing on the commitments to scholarship, leadership, service, and character, NHS organizes volunteering opportunities, community fundraisers, and charity events, and is exemplified by its students who all demonstrate high potential. At Eastern, NHS is headed by facilitators Ms. Thompson and Mrs. Barnes, as well as its executive board. 

Each year, NHS pledges to run non-profit fundraisers for the benefit of helping a specific charity organization. This year, the E-board chose to fundraise for the Refugee Education Center or REC. This organization works to assist refugees in assimilating into West Michigan communities, including tutoring for children of refugees, local opportunities for students to receive education, and other cultural assimilation opportunities. 

NHS executive board presidents Zach Elmouchi and Nanda Murali, Vice Presidents Anika Deshpande and Rachel Verbrugge, Secretaries Jesse Yang and Sara Plante, Treasurer Hannah Bhaskaran, and Communicator Komal Patel.

Throughout the 2021-2022 year, we can recall all the NHS-sponsored events and fundraisers. Starting in the fall, NHS set up a booth at the Hawk Rally that distributed flyers and took donations for the Refugee Education Center. Soon after in October, a Halloween-themed candy gram sale took place which provided the whole school with entertaining gifts to send their friends. In November, NHS organized a can drive in neighborhoods across the community, which raised almost $700 — almost half of the group’s goal to raise $1,500. In the winter months, NHS organized another can drive and in February the group initiated the very first “Blood Relay.” Because of COVID restrictions, NHS was unable to hold its typical blood drive at school. Instead, a blood relay in which students could travel to Versiti blood center during the school day was enacted. This event assisted greatly, saving lives and providing a rich supply of high-demand blood.

In March and April, another can drive and candy gram event was done which helped reach the money goal. Now, the $1,500 donation will be sent to the Refugee Education Center. As the year closes, new E-board leaders will soon be elected and a new establishment will be instituted. Leadership roles will be passed on, and a new organization with a new goal will be chosen. As for the future of NHS, it lies in the hands of the underclassmen. This year has been successful, and we can only hope that the years soon coming will provide even more amounts of success.

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