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Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the Met

Though many view this particular family as “controversial,” one cannot deny that they are currently the most fashionably influential family in the pop culture scene. The Kardashians continue to influence fashion trends worldwide and are constantly watched to see what their next outrageous fashion statement will be. This is especially true on fashion’s biggest night: the Met Gala. Kim Kardashian was the first member of the family to make an appearance at the gala, as singer and songwriter Kanye West’s plus one. Since her first appearance in 2013, she has returned every year. 

Kim Kardashian has had some of the most iconic Met Gala outfits. Since attending with Kanye, her style has continually improved. Here are Kim’s best years ranked:

Kim’s best look was designed by Mugler in 2019. This outfit was inspired by the story of Aphrodite rising out of the seafoam and becoming a Goddess. The designer used a corset to give Kim an impossible figure and the “wet” look was completed with teardrop diamonds hanging from the outfit on threads. The theme this year was Camp: Notes on Fashion, and this look definitely achieved a camp look.



Kim’s next best look was designed by Versace in 2018 for the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination themed Met. The golden dress, adorned with crosses perfectly encapsulated the theme, though the dress is slightly too simple for the event. 



Kim’s third-best outfit was designed by Roberto Cavalli for the ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ themed Met Gala in 2015. This was the first year she was invited and did not have to attend as a guest. The dress was very dramatic and perfect for the event. 



2021 was an especially iconic look for Kim. The theme was In America: An Anthology of Fashion and many people criticized the look saying it was bland and did not make sense. Kim Kardashian has been in the public eye for decades now and has become an icon for her body and her appearance. Wearing this full-body suit allowed for people to only see her silhouette, which has become iconic in itself, and without ever showing her face, people knew who she was. 

2016 was one of Kim’s worse met gala outfits in my opinion. This was the first year she did a big outfit that made a splash, however,  it was not well-executed. The theme this year was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. To follow this theme, Kim wore a metallic silver dress and bleached her eyebrows to complete the look.



Kendall Jenner has been invited to the Met Gala every year since she turned 18, and since then almost all of her outfits have been incredible. It seems that her looks get better each year. 

Kendall’s 2021 outfit for the In America: An Anthology of Fashion was the best look of the entire night. Givenchy was inspired to design this sheer, diamond-studded gown after Eliza Doolittle’s character in the film My Fair Lady. This dress had star-shaped diamonds sewn in it and was the perfect elegant embodiment of American fashion. 



Kendall Jenner’s met gala look for the Camp: Notes on Fashion was absolutely incredible. Versace embodied camp with this bright orange, feathered gown. Jenner matched with her younger sister Kylie Jenner and the outfits resembled the step-sisters from Cinderella in the best way. 




Kim Kardashian has definitely been on the fashion scene longer and has more experience with picking an outfit that will impress crowds, whereas Kendall Jenner’s outfits convey a level of excitement and high energy that only a newcomer to the Met Gala can possess. People are anxiously waiting to see the sisters’ next Met Gala outfits on Monday, May 2.

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