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Girls Lacrosse is Number One

With the countless spring sports all competing for their fans’ attention, the FHNE Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is pushing through their season and drawing quite a crowd. The team includes those from all grades, bringing together new friends and teammates. The seniors on the team continue to set a high standard for upcoming players as well – inspiring the team to work their hardest during game time. With the rest of their season ahead, the team will continue to value the effort and comradery shown by all the players. 

“It’s been a fun season so far, and the team really likes playing together,” senior Zella Stratbucker emphasizes, “that sounds obvious, but you never really know how the team looks before practices start.” Stratbucker is one of the few seniors heading the lacrosse team this year. She, along with her fellow seniors, are now responsible for empowering the rest of the girls and leading the team to victory. “I was definitely nervous to lead before the season started, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was,” Stratbucker goes on to say, “it’s easy to lead people you already get along with.” She hopes that the team will continue to persevere all season long. 

Another senior, Tayler Sypien, is feeling bittersweet about her last season of lacrosse at Eastern. “I’ve been playing for a long time now, and I’m sad that it’s my last year. I just hope it’s my best one yet,” she says. This sentiment is one that many other players share. Sypien also participates in cheer and is leaving FHE with fond memories of both sports. “Since I play two sports, lacrosse is the one where I’m actually realizing that I don’t have another season next year,” Sypien observes. “It’s kind of sad, but I’m happy that I’m leaving on a good note.” She hopes to continue playing, or at least watching, lacrosse in the future. 

The FHNE Girls lacrosse team is currently number one in their division. They earned this outstanding title after beating bigger schools surrounding the Forest Hills district. “I think it’s all of our hard work paying off,” says Stratbucker “and of course, it’s fun to win.” Even though the team is only halfway through the season, one can expect great things from them in the future. With the prospect of making it to states in the near future, the girls hope to make it far in their conference tournament this season, “I definitely think we can win at least our conference this year, and I really hope we can make it farther than that. But only time will tell,” says Sypien. She has high hopes for the rest of the season and wants to inspire the others on the team to do the same. 

As the lacrosse team powers through the rest of their games, it is important that the students at Eastern show up to support in the stands. “It would be really cool if more people came out to support us at our games,” says Stratbucker, “we don’t get as many fans as the boy’s team but we’re winning a lot of games.” All of the lacrosse game times and dates are posted on the fhe sports website, so be sure to put their games on the calendar and show up to support the team!


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