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Water Polo: FHE’s Most Underappreciated Sport

Unknown to many, one of Forest Hills’ most underappreciated sports is girls’ water polo. Played similarly to soccer, water polo is a fast-paced, ferocious water sport in which players attempt to score goals while also treading water and struggling against the opposing team. Just like soccer, the pool is set up with two goals on each end, each with goalies, and players grapple for the ball, swimming in every which way while passing and swimming with the ball. Water polo also entails frequent scratching, clawing, shoving, and even pinching – all under the water and away from the prying eyes of the referees. Though these violent moves are technically against the rules, players have a tendency to ignore the rulebook and get into the competitive spirit, using the water to their advantage as it obscures many illegal moves from view. Similarly, water polo employs some rules similar to ice hockey, like putting players who foul in a penalty box of sorts, meaning that every time a player fouls, rather than subbing out, their team is down one. Though it seems brutal, players all agree that water polo is an exciting sport and is extremely underrated and that Eastern students should all come out to support the team.

Like many other FHE sports, water polo is a combined Forest Hills team, meaning that players come from all three Forest Hill high schools: Eastern, Northern, and Central. Though this may seem difficult, because a majority of water polo players also participate in swim and dive, many are already teammates or already friendly. Nonetheless, sophomore and member of the FHPS JV water polo team Kelsey Pattison declares that “it is a little hectic, but the JV team is really fun,” and though some may struggle with a united Forest Hills team, as a swimmer she is “already used to it” and “love[s] to have the opportunity to meet new people.” Currently, at this point in the season, FHPS varsity water polo has only played a few games, “but we’ve only lost one!” Kelsey declares excitedly. 

Though water polo may be an unknown and underappreciated sport, it is also extremely thrilling to play and spectate. FHE students should come out and support the team, not only to support their fellow Eastern peers but to witness an entertaining and exciting sport. Students who attend are sure to discover a new favorite spectator sport and will not be disappointed or find their time wasted. “Everyone should come out and support because it’s really aggressive and it’s really fun to watch,” says Kelsey, in parting words. FHPS water polo faces off tonight at the Forest Hills Aquatic Center, with games at 6 and 7 pm.

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