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The New Cultural Phenomenon: Anay Fits

Fashion icons often travel the world, showcasing their styles and superior articles of clothing. Little known to many, Eastern has recently acquired its very own model and social media influencer – Anay D. Moitra (’22), also known by his social media handle as @anayfits. 

Anay, known for his successful half-court shot at the Hawk Team assembly on Wednesday, doubles not only as a star basketball player but as a fashion connoisseur and enthusiast as well. When asked what inspired him to begin his stylistic escapade, Anay recounted his rise to fame. Before he was known as Anay Fits, he “was suffering from senioritis and a lack of motivation. I kept looking around for motivation to even go to school. Learning new things? Nah. Meeting my friends? Nah. Wearing dope outfits? YES! I looked around my closet and found that I had a lot of things I did not wear at all. Seeing all the unused potential around me caused a great desire in me to go to school to show off my outfits.”

The life of an influencer also can contain some downsides. Some of Anay’s posts have been taken down due to excessive hate from online trolls. Nevertheless, Anay persists in his fashion escapades, stating that “one thing about me is that I love criticism. Every day, I ask people to rate my fits, and I even ask them why they didn’t like them as much as I did. Criticism of my outfits is part of what helps me improve.” However, the distinction between criticism and hate depends on the intent of the comment. If the comment is constructive criticism, Anay uses it to improve. However rash hate is not well-intentioned. Anay believes that if someone posts hate comments, it means that he is being noticed. According to Anay, his haters are “simply defending their inaction and mediocrity,” instead of “applauding” his outfits for “taking action in life.” Even after being called “goofy” or “crazy”, Anay could not care less because after all, “name one genius that isn’t insane.”

Anay poses confidently in front of his future university.

As a devoted fan myself, I constantly promote Anay’s outfits and hope to see his growth as an icon over the following days. Anay aims to post outfits every day, entertaining fans and sparking his soul at the same time. Keep up by following @anayfits on Instagram! 

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