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Take Caution Before Taking: The Downside of Online Classes

Rain continues to flood every other day, signaling that spring is here and the school year is close to completion for seniors. Students have quite a few things on their minds; for a considerable number of seniors, one of those things is online classes. Since Covid, online classes have seen an uptick in popularity. More and more students see it as either an easy way out of distasteful classes or time to take classes not offered in the curriculum at Eastern. 

Online classes are an amazing opportunity to branch out and try out different interests through the various classes offered through the click of a button. Dedicated students follow the semester-long pacing guide provided by school instructors, ensuring that the work is manageable and they stay on track. But, as with any class,  the work tends to pile up. Unlike in-person classes, online classes do not have a teacher or peers to keep the student on track, which means they are a hundred times easier to get distracted in. Without a physical lesson or teacher to teach, the focus turns more towards completion rather than finishing it out of pure interest in the subject. Work begins to seem somewhat optional as long as it’s turned in by the final due date. The overall interest in the class diminishes as the sanity of the student slowly slips away.

This gets to the main point of this article. As someone who is a senior and is taking two online classes, I highly advise students to think about a few things before taking online classes senior year. The beginning of the semester started with a small percentage of work to complete, a percentage that was to climb as weeks went by. Being a senior, the percentage of work to complete weekly was more than that of underclassmen, due to an early end of the year. Finishing work is completely doable, but after only a few days of slacking off, it becomes easy to fall behind. The issue with seniors in online classes is that time flies and class is over in no time. Seniors need to be committed to classes in order to finish them before time is up. And all seniors know senioritis is a deadly condition that leads to loss of motivation and desire to finish classes that were once fun.

The freedom of online classes is endless as the due date seems so far away, but each day that goes by is another closer to the year’s end. Time creeps up on seniors quicker than on other online students. Taking these classes is a double-edged sword that could be the difference between graduating or spending the summer back on a screen. All of this isn’t to say don’t ever take online, instead, it’s valuable advice from an experienced “turn in last-minute” senior. If taking online classes, be prepared to finish work on time in order to live stress-free.

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