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Music Monthly: April Edition

People have either heard his name or have been devoted fans since One Direction. Through any circumstance, countless worldwide are familiar with British artist Harry Styles who has gained the title of one of the most influential male singers of the 21’st century. His new single, “As It Was,” released on March 31st and it has left fans absolutely breathless. 

It has been over two years since Harry’s most recent album, “Fine Line,” came out, and fans awaiting new content were overflowing with anticipation. This pent-up excitement led to his newest release breaking the Guinness World Record for the most-streamed song within twenty-four hours – at 16 million streams on Spotify alone. 

“As It Was” delivers satisfaction to fans’ impatience with a fast pace, eighties-like tune that is uplifting and energetic. This is contrasted with the sorrowful lyrics that accompany the cheerful melody leaving theories about the true message behind these lyrics that have been ubiquitous all over the media ever since the song made its debut. Common speculation has it is that the song is about Harry’s parents’ divorce, which occurred when he was seven. Others turn to the music video itself for investigation as to what Harry is trying to convey with “As It Was.” Several have noticed the color scheme that is used throughout the video which mainly consists of red and blue as well as the lyrics referencing the utilization of pills. These two leading factors have left the impression that Harry is referencing the acclaimed film The Matrix; the plot of the movie relies heavily on the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. This famous premise has become a real-world idiom to describe any difficult decision one must make. This idea has left fans contemplating if Harry Styles has a personal indecisive struggle of his own that is ultimately making him choose between a red and blue pill or, in the song’s case, whether or not he desires to have life be “as it was.” From a musical perspective, people have also observed a shift in his vocal technique which seems to be lighter and airier than what listeners are accustomed to since Harry’s voice is typically loud and full and not as restrained. This transition to falsetto allows high notes to be reachable with little effort and better intonation which is depicted in the song’s climactic finish. 

It was the middle of spring break when I first heard “As It Was” while I shuffled a random playlist on Spotify. The South Carolina sun gleamed through the windows and made the bedroom my cousin and I were relaxing in the glow. My cousin and I were both pleasantly astonished to hear Harry’s new single after so many years of his absence. Listening to “As It Was” for the first time left sanguine emotions to reside in me and they still haven’t gone away several listens later. Immediately, I added it to my 2022 playlist and had it on repeat for the remainder of the week. The warm and sunny atmosphere of Hilton Head Island, where my vacation was, correlated perfectly with the feel of this song, making it the ultimate anthem for my spring break this year. I recommend “As It Was” by Harry Styles for its in-depth lyrics and bright tone. I love where Harry is going with his career and that is in one direction which is up. Not only is “As It Was” a new song but it’s a new era, and it introduces to us what we will expect from his anticipated new album that is soon on its way. I rate “As It Was” a 9/10.

Be sure to stream “As It Was” by Harry Styles on all listening platforms and look out for his album “Harry’s House” coming on May 20, 2022. 

Image Courtesy of Vogue

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