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Jennis: A Life Changing Experience

The girls’ JV tennis team, otherwise known as Jennis, has become increasingly popular. For Tara Kloostra, one of the team’s seniors, it is often a highlight of her day. “So far, this season has been so amazing!” Tara shares, “it has been such an amazing opportunity for me to get to know so many underclassmen that I would not have otherwise met. Though the season has been super short, with many weather cancellations, it has been such an incredible experience! I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this team goes!” Tara is so thankful to be a part of this fun team. Camy Pfister, another senior on the team, states that Jennis has changed her life for the better. She is “one with the ball,” and “loves the sound of the ball flying through the air.” The exciting and positive atmosphere has encouraged the girls to come together as a team and enjoy their time together. 

Although many of their matches have been canceled due to nasty weather conditions, the girls’ JV tennis team has been thrilled to be able to practice or compete most days of the week. Whereas many sports teams are focused on winning and feel deflated by tough losses and competitions, the girls’ JV tennis team is more focused on creating a positive atmosphere and making sure that everyone is enjoying their experience. They look forward to yoga with their teammates on Fridays allowing them to relax and destress from the week. 

Their match yesterday was at home against South Christian. While going against other D3 opponents, the competition of both sides is often matched. This increases the importance of supporting each other on and off the court. The match was close for Eastern, and many doubles teams scored higher than they had all season. JV tennis is formed with only doubles teams, unlike how there are four singles spots on the varsity team. This focus on doubles play allows all the team to develop poaching and overhead skills at the net, cooperation, and communication with a partner, and learn the importance of staying positive for your partner.  

The team values encouraging each other and lifting one another up. With the example that they have set for the rest of the school and cultivating Hawk Pride, the team will most likely continue to attract many players in the future.

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