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Get a Kick Out of Girls Soccer!

As a crisp spring air blew across the Eastern stadium on last week’s cool Wednesday evening, the girls’ soccer team ran out onto the field ready to take on one of their biggest rivals: Catholic Central. Eastern gave it their all and kept the Cougars from coming away with the win by ending the game in a hard-fought tie of 1-1. Although the Hawks wanted the win, they were more than thrilled to kick off their season with such a promising start.

With a fresh batch of players completely new to the sport joining the very experienced upperclassmen, this year’s team has a perfect mix of new potential and steady skill. However, the wide range of soccer experience gave the senior leaders of the team a bit of a tough time trying to unite different styles of players. Senior Liv Challa admits that “it will be hard to get people to adapt to the style of play in high school soccer,” yet she realizes that it will be a rewarding challenge. Liv is optimistic about the team this season, loving how she will be able to “bond over competition” and “meet a lot of people that I don’t normally talk to.”

Even though Liv is hopeful about the dynamic and chemistry of the team, she explains that the varsity team has been moved to a different district from previous years. This means new opponents, new schools, and new “nerve-wracking” styles of play for the experienced upperclassmen of the team to become familiar with. 

Liv also remarks that her final season playing soccer is emotional for her, explaining that “after playing for 12 years, this is my last year, and I want to make it one of my best and most memorable years.” For all senior athletes, their final season is special and memorable. Never again will they play their high school sport in the same environment with the same teammates, coaches, and team. For some of the soccer seniors, this season will be their last time ever playing competitive soccer.

Thankfully, the team still has plenty of time left in the season. As the season progresses, the seniors are all determined to make each game count. Be sure to raise excitement and help build a strong, supportive student section at the team’s next game tomorrow in Cedar Springs!


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