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Talent for the Ages: Eastern’s Variety Show

Showcasing this Friday night, Eastern’s Variety Show is not one to miss. This year more than ever, the heartfelt acts deserve an auditorium brimming with an enthusiastic audience. “Everyone’s act means so much to them this year,” shares senior performer Donny Ford. For his final opportunity to share his talent with Eastern, Donny has chosen to play Disney’s “You Are the Magic” on his renowned trumpet. 

It is tradition for Mr. Boelkins to emcee the Eastern Variety Show, and this year will be no different. Mr. Boelkins and Ms. Blink are the force behind the entire production: from auditions to weekly rehearsals, and now the final presentation, they have offered advice and assistance to every performer. Running the sound at this year’s show, Ms. Hebel will be seen operating microphones, music, and more.

For 18 years, the Variety Show has highlighted the talents of students from 9th to 12th grade. “The variety show is the opportunity for students to showcase their talents to the public in interesting ways,” Mr. Boelkins shared. He loves seeing “what kids come up with and all their originality.”

Opening with Eastern’s Jazz Band, and including group performances from the Eastern Drumline and Eastern Singers, the Variety Show has an incredible diversity of talent displayed. It offers individual solos, magic tricks, dancing, and, of course, the light show. 

Nolan Ferguson (’24) has risen in the ranks of light show fame. “I started doing it because it was so fun,” commented Nolan this morning, “and though I’m still doing it because I love to do it, it has become bigger than I ever imagined.” At last year’s variety show, there was a mandated half-capacity audience, and even with the smaller crowd, “it was electric,” Nolan shared. With the audience at full capacity tomorrow, Nolan “can’t wait to see what people think of the even bigger performance.”

Countless individual performers will be presenting their skills. Senior Phaedra Melinn announced she will be singing “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson. With a marimba solo from Trenton Brink and break dancing from Brennan Lee, the talent at Eastern is unsurpassed. 

Admission is $5 and it’s free for children under 10. The show commences at 7 pm, so it’s recommended that audience members arrive around 6:45. Tomorrow, March 11th, Eastern’s Variety Show will take place in Eastern’s auditorium. This annual showcase of musical and talent showcase will light up the night and astound all in attendance. 

Featured Image credits: “Stage lighting : Side Spot Light” by zaimoku_woodpile is marked with CC BY 2.0.

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