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Starbucks: A High School Staple

Regardless of whether someone enjoys coffee, a refresher, or another beverage of their choice from Starbucks, it is guaranteed to kickstart their morning with that “first sip feeling.” The clear or paper cups with the iconic siren symbol have become a staple across the country, but particularly at Forest Hills Eastern during first hour. Jealousy burns in those who were too rushed to stop at the Knapp’s Corner Starbucks on their way to school. Starbucks, although constantly trending, draws many high school students in for the boost of caffeine and wonderful flavor that their drink options provide. Currently, some of their most popular drinks include the strawberry acai refresher, vanilla latte, and frappuccino.   

Founded in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks now has 8,947 company-operated locations nationwide and 32,660 locations globally. It has become the largest and most popular coffeehouse chain in the world. Once Starbucks launched their app and mobile ordering and paying became available in 2015, they welcomed an uptick in sales and revenue. Many people were incentivized by the new rewards system and thrilled with the ability to swiftly grab their order as they headed off to their next destination. Starbucks’ kind and professional staff encourage customers to return regularly. 

Upon interviewing multiple seniors at Forest Hills Eastern, there are a wide variety of differences among students’ favorite drink options. Carson Patten, a Starbucks frequenter, agreed that “they have wonderful vanilla lattes. They use a perfect balance of vanilla with the richness of real coffee that warms the soul on any given day.” Lauren Carpenter, on the other hand, usually purchases the Irish cream cold brew. She “got Starbucks at GLIMUN (Great Lakes Invitational United Nations) every day during this year’s trip,” and has been hooked ever since. While Carson and Lauren prefer coffee-based drinks, Tara Kloostra almost always purchases a strawberry acai refresher with lemonade. She thinks it is “the most refreshing drink” and always reminds her of warm summer days. Liv Challa relishes in the sweet flavor of a chai tea latte with pumpkin, vanilla, and cold foam. Although she warns that it is very sweet, it is one of her favorite drinks on the menu. With such a wide variety of drinks to choose from, Starbucks truly has something for everyone. As the company continues to grow, they gain more loyal customers who long for that “first sip feeling.”

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