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A Search for the Best Milk Chocolate

With age comes the saddening realization that there ought to be some regulations while eating sweets. Candy becomes too sugary and something to avoid; however, consumers across the globe have a tasty snack to calm that craving. Dark chocolate is the bitter, yet less sugary, form of creamy and delicious chocolate. Dark chocolate is combined with numerous flavors such as caramel, sea salt, fruits, and is eaten by itself. On the other hand, Milk chocolate has a creamy texture that, when mixed with the milky flavor, creates an amazing chocolate bar. So why do so many people prefer the bitter form of such a loveable treat?

Still, in my youth, I’ve taken up an incredibly important task: to find the very best milk chocolate bar. Before the delicious taste becomes too much to bear, I must find the top bar. To keep things simple, the chocolate will be judged by certain features and given a fair rating with all aspects considered. Please be aware that all of this is personal preference and I will leave out no criticism.

The first chocolate sets the bar extremely low. A Dollar General branded bar had the usual look of chocolate, giving it the potential to taste just as good. It was also affordable – only a dollar. But sadly, there was an obvious lack of usual milk chocolate aspects. As I took the first bite, a sharp metal taste flooded my mouth. It was similar to licking a battery, disgusting. The texture was fine at first but chewing took too much effort and felt plastic-like. In total, it racked up a rating of two points out of ten, this bar is something I won’t be trying no matter how desperate I become for some chocolate.

Next is the classic Hershey milk chocolate bar. Put on a graham cracker with a marshmallow is where it belongs. Having a whole bar by itself is seemingly barbaric to me. The texture was better than the last bar, it melted and left a slightly grainy residue afterward. It’s flavorful and rich, with a lasting taste that leaves the taster with some bad breath. Sadly, this classic just doesn’t meet my milky expectations. I give it a three and a half out of ten.

On my way out of Dollar General, a small, brightly wrapped bar caught my eye. Lindt had a small display with many delicious flavors to choose from. I of course had to pick the milk chocolate. As opposed to taste, this bar has an incredible texture to brag about. With a creamy soft inside and hard but easily meltable outer shell, Lindt has such a unique approach to chocolate. There was an immediate wave of sweetness to the chocolate. That combined with a milky undertone helped this earn a rating of eight out of ten. 

Finishing this off strongly, Tony’s chocolate is what took the cake of milk chocolates. The brand has a great mission: to stop the slavery and child labor that goes on in the mass production of chocolate. It’s a huge issue in the industry with companies extorting farmers and buying products at the lowest possible prices, leaving them to live in poverty and not pay employees. Tony’s chocolate is a bit more expensive than most bars, but it’s not only the mission that makes it worth it. The bar is quite thick and has a semi-hard texture. There’s a good balance of richness and sweetness that makes every penny well spent. This evens out into a solid score of nine out of ten.

With only a few different brands of milk chocolate, there’s still so much more to try. The search for the most delicious and high-quality chocolate bar is still afoot. For the time being, Tony’s holds a special place in my heart as the best milk chocolate (In my opinion).

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