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Taco Twosday!

Thanks to some amazing efforts by Mr. Blink, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Jacobs, the Student Council, and our amazing administrators, over 900 tacos were ordered and served to staff and students from the Eastern family-owned business El Arriero. Lunch created an exciting buzz for the students of Eastern. Not only was it Taco Tuesday, but the day happened to fall on 2/22/22, leading to a very unique opportunity to bring a much-needed morale-booster to the school.

A break from the typical school cafeteria food, these tacos brought energy to students after Midwinter Break. Principal Ms. Pallo expressed her reasons for this event, admitting that “it’s been a rough couple of years, so we’ve been trying to raise student morale.”

Assistant Principal Mr. McElheny excitedly prepares tacos for the students.

Especially in the cold and hectic month of February, the day-to-day stressful schedules of high school can drag on and tend to become disheartening. However, occasions such as Taco Tuesday help to lighten the moods of the student body. Jonah Howell (‘25) commented that “these tacos are amazing! After having the same cafeteria food for so long, this is a nice treat to have.” Clearly appreciated by the students, the event is a well-earned delight.

Along with the tacos themselves, the date of 2/22/22 is a rare and special occasion. In fact, this is what prompted the administration to organize the taco lunch. The peculiarities of today’s date being February 22 of the year 2022 are heightened even more when realizing that this date happens to fall on a Tuesday. Mrs. Jacobs noted that “we just had to take advantage of a Tuesday falling on this special date.” As a result, the name combines the two, taking on the title of Taco Twosday. According to The Washington Post, today could be seen as the “ultimate Taco Twosday,” possibly the greatest day of this century.

Ms. Poole, Officer Green, and Mrs. McCambridge work diligently to provide Eastern the best tacos possible.

As the school year seems to slow down and classes seem to get tougher, little events like Taco Twosday bring hope to the students of Eastern, promising them that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Remember to thank your administrators for all their efforts in making the students feel appreciated and welcome!

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