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Kanye West: The Greatest Figure of this Century

Throughout time, significant philosophers have come and gone in our world. Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has allowed humanity to achieve its greatest potential. Recently, rumors have surfaced that Ye plans to arrange a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia. The former presidential candidate will also meet with Russian business tycoon Aras Agalarov to grow the Yeezy enterprise in the country.

Although Yeezy’s personal and label reps have not released any information, his strategic advisor, Ameer Sudan, claims that he is acting as a liaison with the Russian businessmen.

Events such as these prove Kanye’s prowess as a world figure. Not only a mastermind artist, rapper, producer, and musician, he is also extremely skilled in the art of fame. No matter where you go, Kanye manages to stay relevant. Whether for the right or wrong reasons (irrelevant to the point), Kanye has been and will continue to be a central figure in all of 21st-century history.

To highlight Ye’s musical prowess, we must first examine his humble beginnings as a rapper. In the olden days of 2004, young West released his first ever album, The College Dropout, blending together soul, gospel, and various other forms of music into hip hop. Stemming away from the then-dominant gangster persona in hip hop music, Kanye changed the game by incorporating themes of racism, critiques on the school systems, self-consciousness, materialism, and religion. His immediate success shattered the music charts, leading the record to win the Grammy award for Best Rap Album. 

Through the ups and downs of his career, Ye has built a name and persona that is unmatched in terms of uniqueness. 

Ye’s latest album Donda, named after his late mother, symbolizes the loss he felt after her passing. West often writes about Donda West in his songs, expressing how she guided him through his successful career. Although Kanye typically projects himself with an egoistic, arrogant personality, when discussing his mother he remarkably attributes all of his success to her. Even though his persona is the Kanye West we all know, on the inside, perhaps Kanye is more humble than we presume.

Kanye West will undoubtedly reign as the true king of this world. Other world leaders will flock to him for his guidance, artistry, and wisdom. However, the question still remains – does Kanye deserve the endless attention and fame that he is getting? In his own words, “no one man should have all this power,” referencing his grasp on pop culture and the world.

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