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Kailani Smith’s Best Year Yet

Among the various clubs and sports here at Eastern, some students still seek more exciting activities. Meet Kailani “Kai” Smith (’22), a champion of extoic sports. She currently participates in surfing and BMX bike riding. She takes pride in doing things out of the ordinary, explaining that “it isn’t really typical in the eastern community, but BMX is really fun. I ride at Factory Powers BMX and am currently ranked 54th nationally.” Smith loves the outdoors and spends her weekends outside doing the activities she loves. 

But that’s not all she enjoys doing. Her new favorite after-school activity is DECA, or the Distributive Education Clubs of America, which focuses on helping future entrepreneurs and leaders in high school. Smith greatly encourages underclassmen to sign up for after-school activities. “Do something to get involved because you’ll make friends,” she says, “I did DECA, and we made It to states.” Through DECA, Kai has made many new friends.

She also supports getting involved in school sports to meet new people. “Do sports. Even if you’re a nerd, you’re [going to] be accepted into the sports community. And if you don’t get along, just do some crazy sport,” Kailani says. Overall, Smith recommends getting involved in any way you can.  

Smith is in her senior year of high school, amassing many memories and experiences along the way. She cherishes little moments shared with teachers and staff, explaining that “throughout high school, I liked seeing Mr. Starling, asking for food and having conversations. AND HAWK SHOTS.” Smith also looks back on school dances like Homecoming and Prom, saying that “this year, I think my best experience would be the after-parties from Homecoming.” She is her best self when hanging out with friends and sharing moments with them. 

With her senior year halfway done, Smith says it’s her favorite year of high school so far. She enjoys the sense of community here at Eastern, feeling like the class of 2022 is close like never before, explaining that “our senior class is really good this year. We all get along the majority of the time, even when we have all our little groups. Honestly, I love it,” Compared to the years of middle school cliques and exclusion of earlier years, Smith is happy that her class gets along and that she’s met even more people in lower grades. She hopes to continue fostering relationships until graduation, where she can sit back and relax.      

Kai hopes to attend college right after high school and wants to study veterinary medicine. She has already been accepted to numerous schools, stating that “I’m looking at a few colleges and I know I want to study veterinary medicine. I’ve gotten accepted to MCHPS in Boston, State, and Richmond as well as others.” She has always had an affinity for animals and has desires to become a veterinarian to help them the best she can. As for the rest of her senior year, Kailani expects an easy and fun-filled ending to her high school experience.

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