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Establishing a School of Excellence

Eastern High School, in 2004, became the newest school in the Forest Hills Public Schools district. The board decided that they wanted to have another high school to accommodate incoming students because of increasing enrollment. The other two high schools, Central and Northern, have been around for much longer. Central High, the oldest of the three, was established in 1958 – followed by Northern which was established in 1972. When Forest Hills Eastern was first constructed, it did not have all of the add-ons that it has today. The Middle School gym and auditorium were finished in 2005. The science labs that we all know in Ms. Geers and Mr. Vandenbergs’ rooms weren’t built until 2009. The district thought that it would be a good idea for the science rooms to have ample workspace for students conducting experiments. In 2013 the board approved a 45 million-dollar bond to improve many of the school’s features such as security and technology. In 2014, additional funding was approved to create a third gym or the aux gym as we know it. There was also an upper parking lot built near the football stadium and tennis courts because all of the added construction warranted more spaces for students to park. 

In 2016, the superintendent, Dan Behm, called in a coalition of people from Forest Hills to address the increasing amount of student enrollment. They talked about bringing in the sixth-graders into the middle school wing. They also recommended adding classrooms into the middle school to accommodate more students. This is the second year with the sixth graders in our school. Eastern has also added a basketball court and outdoor area for the 6th graders’ recess. 

In 2018, the Forest Hills School board approved a 15-year $130-million bond to go to vote. Because of this, the school will receive various school upgrades: improving infrastructure, replacing old systems, improving classrooms, improving the curriculum, teacher resources, and improving or replacing security systems. Eastern has become more and more accommodating as the years have gone by and it will continue to do so into the future.

The students at Eastern are very lucky to be able to have a school with so many resources that will enable them to have a prominent future. 

Although Eastern’s history does not extend very far, it is rich. There have been so many developments at Eastern that make it one of the best schools in the area. Eastern has a graduation rate of 96% and stresses the importance of a good education. The teaching staff at Eastern has always and will continue to work hard to make sure that the student body at Eastern has the opportunity to receive a quality education and future.

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