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Delightful Donuts

It’s not too uncommon for staff to receive little gifts of appreciation from the administration. A portable breakfast, personalized water bottles, maybe some pastries – receiving the recognition they deserve with periodic ‘thank yous.’

So, many students at Eastern likely thought today was such an occasion. Little did they know a surprise awaited them. Mr. Yelding and Mr. Mac traversed from room to room during first hour and delivered special treats; this time, they were for everyone.

Boxes and boxes of delicious donuts were presented to the classrooms. Displaying the colors of Eastern with their black frosting and red sprinkles, these donuts were the perfect pick-me-up after a long week at school. Each student started their day with a welcoming treat from the welcoming staff, and the widespread smiles after this simple but heartfelt act demonstrate how far a little kindness carries. 

From those of us at the Hawk Herald, we are thankful for our compassionate staff here at Eastern, and we recognize the feat it took to attain and distribute over 800 donuts. Seeing the administration walking through the halls, greeting students by name, and taking a genuine interest in each student, we are reminded how fortunate we are to have such a caring group of teachers and administrators.

Even when the weeks seem to last ages and the start of the second semester requires renewed effort, it is important to step back and appreciate the small pleasures of each day. Amidst the heavy clouds of winter, today was a refreshing ray of joy. 

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