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A Heart for Service

Kaitlyn Seymour, one of Forest Hills Eastern’s seniors, is experiencing bittersweet feelings about heading into her last semester as a Hawk. Throughout her four years of high school, Kaitlyn has participated in theatre, Eastern Singers, National Honor Society, Peer to Peer, Senior Squad, and track & field. One of her favorite parts of senior year has been her classes, and “the feeling of our grade becoming a true family, meeting new people, and being able to connect with and develop relationships with many underclassmen.” Kaitlyn is so thankful that she tried out for Eastern Singers sophomore year because it has been one of the opportunities that she has valued most during her time at Eastern. Being a member of the group has allowed her to “have a sense of community, and form new friendships, and be able to sing on stage with some of my favorite people.” 

Outside of school, Kaitlyn is extremely involved in her community. She frequently volunteers at the Children’s Healing Center which is “a place for kids with weakened immune systems to have a clean and fun environment… and a place for them to come and feel free from all of the sickness and emotional and physical struggles that they go through at hospitals. It is one of the only places in the country that provides that opportunity for children.” Kaitlyn usually participates as a camp or small group leader during the summer with the younger age group. It is a place that continues to hold a big piece of her heart. She loves being able to bring light into the lives of children who experience unimaginable health struggles. This opportunity has guided her thoughts about possible careers in service. 

During Kaitlyn’s free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling to Florida to soak up some sunshine, eating pasta, watching Netflix, exercising, and babysitting for a variety of families. Kaitlyn is extremely excited to travel to Disney in February with her friends and the music department. She has developed so many friendships during her time at Eastern and is excited to continue to stay connected with her hawks during her college years. As a second-semester senior, she has spent much of her time preparing college essays and thinking about where she would like to spend her next four years. When asked about her plans for after high school, Kailtyn announced “I am interested in both Grand Valley State University and Colorado State. I love working with children and want to find a career that will allow me to help others. I am so thrilled to see what the future will bring, but I am a little nervous about this next year full of transitions!” With a strong foundation for her education, Kaitlyn is ready to conquer her last semester of high school and dive into her future.


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