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A Beginning and An End

Being in the last semester of high school is both exciting and saddening. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Naman Jain is one senior at Eastern currently experiencing this transition. The most memorable high school experience for Naman was “going to the Model United Nations conferences.” Naman has been a part of Model UN since he was a sophomore. He attended conferences for the first time and found something he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, his sophomore and junior year were shadowed by the pandemic and the club was not able to attend as many conferences as usual. He was however a part of this years’ GLIMUN conference in Kalamazoo where he was a recipient of the “Best Delegation” award along with Nanda Murali (‘22) and Jesse Yang (‘22). “It was one experience that I will remember for a long time to come,” Naman said.

Naman is also a part of many other clubs and extracurricular activities such as the National Honor Society, Chess Club, and Science Olympiad. Naman says that “it is important to be involved with things you enjoy in high school because it goes by really fast.” It is also important to be able to develop relationships and build connections with people at school. It may be more difficult for some compared to others, but it is still important to put yourself out there and enjoy the short time that is in high school. 

Naman has been determined and has worked very hard to maintain high grades throughout high school so he can continue his education at a higher level. If accepted, he intends to pursue his studies at Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. In college, wherever he ends up, Naman says one of the things he is looking forward to the most is “having more freedom.” It is important for young adults to learn how to make their own decisions and be out in the world. This allows them to develop the necessary skills to contribute to society. 

College is liberating for a lot of incoming students, but it can also be scary. Naman says that thinking about college is “something that should not be put off.” He also stated, “it may be difficult to think about, but as soon as freshman year begins, so does the preparation for college.” It is important to prepare for one’s future, but it is also important to make sure that meaningful memories are being created in the moment. 

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    Way to go, Naman! (Nice profile, Carson)

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