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Tip-Off to the Season

After just beginning their season, the Eastern women’s junior varsity basketball team played against Forest Hills Central last night at home. Many things are gained from joining a sport, including hard work, dedication, and teamwork, something that all of the young women on the team have learned within their few weeks of playing together.

When joining a sports team, especially basketball, it’s important to learn how to properly communicate with each other to ensure that the game will go smoothly and, hopefully, in their favor. This is one skill that Eastern’s JV team learned last night.

As soon as the tip-off started the game, Eastern quickly gained possession of the ball, dribbling down the court. With the crowd cheering out encouragement and coaches yelling out commands, it might be easy for a player to miss a teammate or play call. But in basketball, this cannot be the case; communication is key, and the people in the stands could hear the girls calling to each other, helping teammates out, and assisting. Because of this, Eastern was able to score the first points of the game.

Through hard work and determination, the Hawks were able to play well against Central, ending the first half with a small point difference. Although by the end of the game Eastern was not able to win, they took away much more experience than what they had begun with. “We learned how to come to the ball more, box out, get the rebounds, and pass the ball quickly. All in all, it was a successful game and we had fun!” Freshman Morgan Pflum stated. Learning to bond with the team and take away a positive experience no matter the score outcome is an important part of any sport.

The basketball season has just begun, and the JV team has already improved immensely through their rigorous training. As the season continues, they will only continue to grow and practice, evolving into a true team that has skills, talent, and friendship.

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