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Tasty Treats and Happy Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, holiday dessert favorites are making an appearance once again. There are numerous options available, all equally delicious, but what are some of the most popular dishes to decorate the dinner tables?

With each sweet bite, the classic sugar cookie becomes a favorite both during and out of the holiday season. Not only does it taste delicious, but the variety of options for texture makes it a staple dessert. Lovers of this cookie can choose from a classic soft sugar cookie, crunchy outside, chewy dough, and other tasty types. All of these options add to the holiday joy that comes with each bite that melts within your mouth. “My favorite type is when they’re soft, small, and have Christmas trees on them. They’re chewy and taste good which just ties it all together!” Sadie Brinks (’24) remarks.

Another classic holiday favorite is pie. With so many different flavors and crusts, it’s difficult for one to not find at least one type of pie to enjoy. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, and key lime pie are just some of Eastern’s favorites. The richness that each bite delivers leaves people begging for more. The combination of the tasty filling and crispy crust is one that many people find hard not to enjoy. “Apple pies ‘bake’ the world a better place,” Eden Hostetter (’25) explains.

Peanut butter cookies, with their chewy yet crispy texture and savory taste, also find themselves on the popular holiday dessert list. “They feel like home, the classic cookie: not too overdone but simple and delicious,” Sophie Skoog (’24) says. For those who don’t enjoy an overly sweet dessert, peanut butter cookies are a perfect option. Bethany Narducci (’25) agreed with Sophie on their taste, while also stating, “I really enjoy them because [they’re] something my grandma makes every [year during] Christmas time.”

The foods above are only a few of the plentiful popular desserts during the holiday season. If new dessert options or ideas are ever needed before baking, check-in with friends and family, or even consult the internet to find new and creative options for a tasty holiday treat! The Hawk Herald staff wishes everyone, no matter what is celebrated, happy holidays and new year!

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