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Starting Off Strong

The freshman basketball team is shaping up to have a successful season. The players, with the help of their coaches, will continue to develop their on-court communication and basketball skills such as shooting, dribbling, and passing. The team already has sportsmanship; no matter what happens during the games and practices, they respect their opponents and leave the court with their heads held high. As Eastern’s freshman team embarks on the beginning of their season, it is clear that there will be challenges along the way. Despite these challenges, they will undoubtedly overcome those obstacles to achieve their goals. 

During practice, the team works hard to improve their skills through every possession. The freshmen run through drills over and over again until they are ready to perform at their best during game time. 

The freshman team played against Forest Hills Central last week and played against Lowell on Tuesday. Even though the team lost to Central, they rebounded and defeated Lowell on Tuesday. One of the Hawk’s JV basketball players and Hawk Herald staff writer, Julian Zolenski (’24), thought that the freshman team “showed great spirit during their game against Lowell. They were diving all over the court and displayed their best effort, which inevitably led to a victory for the Hawks.”

The team’s love for the game and endless effort is displayed every time they step foot on the court. Obviously, there is still room for improvement, but that is the case with any sport on any level. As the season progresses, we can be sure that the team will get better and further dominate their opponents. The coach of the freshman basketball team, Bill Culhane, has great optimism as to what the players will be able to accomplish this season.

By overcoming their initial loss and using it as motivation to practice and prepare for their next opponent, the freshman basketball team has made it clear they will stop at nothing to dominate the court. 

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