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Spotify Wrapped – An Early Present for Music Lovers

Spotify users can rejoice at last, with the annual release of Spotify Wrapped. If you have used Spotify at all throughout the year, the app will combine the total hours listed, top artists played, and much more. Every year since 2015, the app has been recording the stats of its patrons and listing the most popular songs of the year. Wrapped is slated to come out in early December, with many Spotify users excitedly awaiting its arrival. 

As previously stated, this function of Spotify was introduced in 2015 and originally called Year in Music. It cataloged the top 100 songs of each listener and the top songs for the whole year. From there, it improved each year and the name was changed to Wrapped in 2016. Newer features include specially curated playlists that focus on songs you might have missed and best of certain decades. However, only listeners who joined before October 31st can enjoy what Wrapped had to offer. 

Spotify organizes your music based on most listened to artists and songs.

Looking back at 2020, Spotify still has all the most popular songs and what we enjoy the most. Some of the top artists include Drake, Taylor Swift, The Weekend, and Billie Eilish. The year was encompassed by electric pop songs, such as Blinding Lights by The Weekend or Say So by Doja Cat. We also saw the introduction of more alternative rock and pop, with artists Taylor Swift and Lewis Capaldi releasing slower, guitar-centric tunes. We also saw a rise in hip hop and rap, with artists like Megan The Stallion and Jack Harlow climbing the charts. 

Another feature added in recent years is tracking users’ podcasts. With the edition of video podcasts this year, Wrapped is expected to give users more recommendations on podcasts and which ones are the most popular. Over the last year, users listened to over 6 hours and 37 minutes on average and, judging by the increase in popularity, that number is supposed to increase dramatically.

Some new features for 2021 include an aura reading based on music taste, a blend playlist that combines your friend’s music with your own, and a section that “pairs your top songs with classic scenes from a movie that’s all about you.” These new editions come in a new interactive page on Spotify where you can view all of your stats as well as worldwide stats. The usual top songs and artists will be included, as well as curated playlists cataloging the best songs of the year in each genre. Hopefully, with these playlists, we can have 2021’s year in music archived for whoever wants to reminisce on this year sometime in the future. 

Your music “aura” describes whatever moods you listen to most, such as bold, romantic, or chill.

Spotify Wrapped has become the most anticipated music event for the end of the year. The promotional event has increased people’s interest in music and has made people with similar music tastes come together. Even if you don’t use Spotify to listen to music, other streaming services such as Youtube Music and Apple Music have come out with similar events. So as we head into the new year, start thinking about what music you want to define your 2022.

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