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FHE Teachers Clash over Holiday Decorations

The annual adorning of the three halls has begun, but recent turmoil has made things rocky. Will anyone be able to declare a righteous winner? 

At Eastern, the three high school halls compete in a decorating contest. The event generates holiday spirit with displays of lights, piles of papery snow, and many cozy Netflix fireplaces lit in each room. Everything seemed to be going accordingly for the first day or so of preparation. For students with exams coming up, cutting out snowflakes instead of studying seemed like a much better use of time. Teachers benefit from the quieter environment and don’t have to mass produce snowflakes for themselves. Once the flakes were done, hanging them up is where the trouble began.

As a general rule, teachers are supposed to decorate exclusively after school is over. But one hallway (to remain unnamed) hasn’t been following the rules to a T. By having much more time to decorate and students to help, this hall is farther along on their process of winterfication. In committing such acts of early decoration, the attitudes toward this particular hall are about as cold as the temperatures outside. Several reports provided by members of the competing halls have voiced concern and frustrations recently.

A teacher who is to remain anonymous stated, “I took one of their snowflakes and put it in the trash, that’s not fair. They shouldn’t be decorating all this time while we’re the ones actually following the rules.” 

Another unnamed report said, “they shouldn’t be able to do that, but ours is more creative anyway.”

Having been in both halls during the somewhat silent feud, there is much more to each side.  In terms of the so-called “rule-breakers,” to them, there is no wrong being committed. Starting out, the group came together and discussed their plan of action. As a close-knit and organized hall, they prep for events, spirit days, holidays, and parties. Winter decorating is no exception. Being well prepared and having a creative theme, the hall was more than ready to compete with the other two. This hall also held a staff breakfast, therefore the decorating could be justified as party decor. 

As of now, the winner is yet to be determined. As mature adults, teachers are composed when it comes to the workplace. However, nothing comes between a teacher and justice for displaying holiday cheer. This week, good sportsmanship is all but lost. There may never again be a peaceful time for the three big hallways of Eastern High.

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