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Coffeeshop Collection – Haggerty’s

Haggerty’s collection of plants.

Hop on over to Haggerty’s coffee shop. Smack dab on the edge of everything, Haggerty’s location – in Knapp’s corner on the Beltline, is the perfect distance from the bustling crowds heading to the cinema. Park in a spacious parking lot and walk right into the shop. Immediately, the smell of sweet baked goods welcomes customers. Occasionally, the blender will be a pleasant hum in the background, creating a smooth combination of frozen goodness. The interior is spacious, allowing for booths, small tables, and a few armchairs. In every corner, well-cared-for plants grow. They bring a fresh, lively ambiance to the shop.

Black coffee and biscotti.

                  There’s not much of a line, and it moves fast. The employees are efficient and friendly. Haggerty’s menu is cram-packed with a multitude of drinks, as well as small meals and baked goods. On the top of the list is a large selection of boba. Boba is a customizable drink, with options like fruit-flavored and milk teas. Popping boba (of all varieties) or tapioca pearls are available to add to the tea. This drink is hard to find in many shops due to its ingredients and the specific machinery necessary to make the drink. Unfortunately, this drink, as well as most of the others, is pricey. Like many shops on the Beltline, they foster enough business to allow them to charge more for their items. 

Additionally, according to their official website, Haggerty’s focuses on “removing plastic straws, limiting our waste, recycling, and using eco-friendly products.” Not only do they positively impact the environment, but they also positively impact the student population in Grand Rapids. With public wifi and plentiful space, this shop is a hotspot for high school students looking for a place to study. Many presentations have been created in the shop, and numerous finals crammed for – as countless students are currently doing. Among other things, the quietness of the shop can be calming. Since most people bring their music, the shop’s lack of tunes doesn’t change the ambiance. 

The hours of this shop are straightforward and consistent: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m, closed Saturday and Sunday. Although open for eleven hours a day on weekdays, the absence of weekend hours restricts many people’s ability to visit.

Lavender tea with strawberry boba and black coffee.

Menu Review:

Lavender tea with strawberry boba: These two contrasting flavors complement each other surprisingly well. The lavender tea is unique from any fruity flavor and provides a fun change from the usual. The strawberry popping boba is a classic option and adds a splash of flavor to the tea. At Haggerty’s, the lavender tea was milk-based and was filling in itself, best enjoyed slowly, especially since the drink sizes are generous.

The menu.

                          Biscotti: Inexpensive and prepackaged, their biscotti is the perfect complement to anything from black coffee to hot cocoa. It was dipped in dark chocolate on one side, filled with light flakes of almond and powdered sugar. The bread itself was perfectly cooked, without the bitter taste that comes from letting biscotti sit for too long. It was fresh and well-baked. 

Black coffee: Honestly, the coffee could have been warmer. It was served in a coffee cup made of recycled products. The coffee itself was well-brewed, though a little bit weak. It had a soft hazelnut taste that most likely varies by day. Overall, it tasted like standard-drip coffee that anyone could make at home. 

Taste: ★★★★✩
Aesthetic: ★★★★★
Ambiance: ★★★★✩
Wait Time: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★✩✩
Food/Drink Options: ★★★★★

Hawk Herald Publisher’s Rating: B+

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