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A Break for the Brain

Recently, there have been numerous discussions among schools that both students and staff members need a break from the exhausting conditions brought about by the current pandemic. Schools all over the country, including Forest Hills Eastern, are experiencing a massive shortage of substitute teachers. Because of this, staff members are having to give up their preparation period in order to fill the substitute positions. Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) has already declared two covid awareness days for their students and staff. The district’s announcement stated, “This school year has been particularly trying as we are facing a historic teacher and support staff shortage crisis coupled with the continued global pandemic.” 

GRPS has also said that the days off are for the wellness of the students and staff. The ongoing global pandemic has proven to be extremely stressful for students and staff members alike. Teachers are continuing to do the best they can to ensure that students are receiving the best education they can offer. However, teacher’s preparation hours are constantly being interrupted because of substitution shortages. There is not enough time for teachers to be able to develop what they would like to teach to their students because of this. Though Forest Hills Eastern has not gone virtual as of now, due to the high number of Covid cases in the state of Michigan and the growing number of students who need to quarantine, teachers continue to struggle to teach those who are at home.

Covid wellness days are a terrific idea that all students and staff members could benefit from. Being able to relax without stressing out about work is necessary for every human being to function. The brain needs to be able to take a break to maintain the health and well-being of any person. These days will allow people to wind down and take some time to themselves to just relax. The Forest Hills School district should take into account these measures employed by other districts and help to make sure that students and staff are healthy, both physically and mentally.

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