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The Final Lap: Swim Season Strokes to a Close

All sports require time, dedication, and perseverance, something that the Forest Hills Northern Eastern women’s swim team knows well. From two-hour practices each day to relentless swim meets, members of the team must demonstrate discipline to show up and try their best every practice.

Many people may argue that one of the most important aspects of a team sport is the community it creates between its members. The FHNE swim team is no stranger to this opinion. Elliott McAlpine (‘24) stated, “[Something that] makes swim special is all of the friends I’ve made. A lot of my best friends are my teammates so it’s fun to go to practice every day and be with them.” Between long swim meets and grueling practices, a shared community and friendship formed by the swimmers is important to not only better the team’s inner relationship, but also create a welcoming environment within its members.

FHNE swimmers race against Forest Hills Central in the 200 M!

A closely bonded team is not the only accomplishment the combined swim team managed this season. After over 10 years, the FHNE won against Forest Hills Central. “Last year we didn’t have a big win like that, but beating Forest Hills Central was a huge deal and a lot of fun,” Elliott described. The FHNE managed to take home a score of 105, leaving Central in second place. Having a group of supporting young women also helped the team encourage and push each other to first place. In addition to the victory against Central, the FHNE swim team placed third at Conference. “We haven’t finished that high in at least eight years, so that was very exciting for us,” Elliott stated.

Although every team has its highs and lows, it’s important to not let the losses dampen the wins. Elliott explained how “it’s really hard when you don’t reach those goals that you set for yourself. I try to keep a positive attitude because I had a great conference meet, so I focus on things like that when things don’t go exactly how I would’ve preferred them to. Swim is a hard sport because you only have those really awesome moments once, maybe twice during the whole year if you swim year-round, so you have to cherish those moments. But they make every single hard practice worth it. It’s very rewarding, which is what makes [swim] so special.”

Putting forth daily dedication and diligence to a sport takes a lot of perseverance, something that the FHNE swimmers demonstrated in each practice. Based on their progress this season, and the work they will put into the club season, the young women will come back next year even stronger than this year. With new members coming to the team next season, the swim family will continue to grow – allowing more people to enjoy the important and rewarding moments of every victory.

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