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Skillful Skateboarding

At some point in our lives, everyone is curious to try something new, whether motivated by the internet or a friend. Everybody can find something that they find interesting that they may have never thought of before. Eden Hostetter, a freshman at Eastern, found exactly that in skateboarding.

January 2020, right before the start of quarantine, was when Eden first dabbled in the art of skateboarding. Post-pandemic life has now opened the door for Eden to become even more adventurous with her skateboarding endeavors. 

Watching a couple of videos on the internet prompted Eden into skating. With the added time quarantine provided to work on her craft, she was able to learn more about the sport. Eden has improved significantly since last January, not only on her tricks but her knowledge about the culture surrounding skateboarding. 

Eden was always more interested in learning tricks than cruising around, but mastering these tricks takes time. Skateboarding is a very technical sport, and Eden emphasized the patience that is necessary while learning, sharing that “starting to skateboard really sucked because it was kind of boring and you have so many expectations starting off, but you just can’t reach them that quickly.” Skateboarding also takes a lot of courage. When attempting a trick, it can be hard to take that leap of faith off the board. Thankfully, Eden has not sustained many injuries while learning various tricks besides a sprained ankle that kept her off the board for a couple of weeks. She would also like to start snowboarding more because she feels that it will boost her confidence in skateboarding. When asked whether she thought skateboarding or snowboarding was more difficult, Eden noted that snowboarding is challenging but she believes skateboarding is harder because of how easy it is to mess up and fall.

Eden looks up to many professional female skaters that are involved in the sport. Although there was nobody in particular that she tries to emulate, she noted that it’s a bit harder for females to get into the sport of skateboarding which is another motivation for her. Although she is still a beginner, Eden is confident in the foundation she has built for herself. Eden looks forward to improving and learning more technical and more difficult tricks. She is also always on the lookout for new skateparks, especially when she leaves town. The advice she would give to anyone looking to get into skateboarding is to stick with it and trust in your abilities: “when you’re first starting, perseverance is what’s important. You have to keep going because it can get very frustrating learning basic tricks – but definitely persevere and try to keep going.”

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