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Pursuing a Passion: Eastern’s New Athletic Secretary

In recent weeks, Forest Hills Eastern gained an outstanding new athletic secretary: Ms. Sarah Lawton. Because of Mrs. Jacobs’s promotion, Ms. Lawton will now be spearheading Eastern athletics with a strong spirit and a passion for sports.

Ms. Lawton spent her childhood in the Forest Hills area and has developed skills that equip her perfectly for the job. She attended Forest Hills from grades K-12 starting at Pine Ridge. As a Forest Hills Central graduate, she is familiar with the entire district and will ensure smooth communication between each of the high schools. Ms. Lawton graduated from Western University where she studied education. Ms. Lawton then obtained a Master’s degree from Grand Valley State University. Ms. Lawton shared that when she started teaching “it was on and off for 13 years,” and she “taught art to kids in grades K-12,” where she learned to collaborate with students and optimize their creative talents. 

Ms. Lawton’s interest in being the athletic secretary came from when she was at Central. There she played soccer for a few years and also participated in the school’s track and field team. These extracurricular activities are some of the reasons why Ms. Lawton wanted to become an athletic secretary. The position allows her to continue to “have the interactions with the students and have the interactions with the staff,” which allows her to continually communicate with others while working. She is also “excited because it is something different and has a little bit of a business side to it,” and this allows her to have some variety in her new position.

Ms. Lawton is a great new addition to the Forest Hills Eastern staff. She will be able to use her passions and expertise to be a great athletic secretary. As a community at Eastern, we need to make sure that she feels welcome and thank her for everything she will be doing for Eastern athletics. All of the students at Eastern High School will be able to benefit from her hard work and determination as we continue throughout the school year.

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