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Month: November 2021

Against All Odds: The 2021 Atlanta Braves

As of July 27, 2021, the season the Atlanta Braves had envisioned was not panning out. The World Series hopeful team was sitting at 50 wins and 52 loses, putting them five and a half games behind the division-leading New York Mets. It was safe to say that the team that made it to the National League Championship Series the year prior was not the same. The Braves needed to make some adjustments by the…

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Hauntingly Halloween- The Search for Spooky Cinema, Edition 3

Welcome back to the final installment of scary movie reviews. As October came to a close with Halloween last week, the movies I’m reviewing are more typical horror movies that everyone knows and loves. However, take caution if you’re not a huge fan of horror movies, because these have some pretty terrifying scenes.  The first movie I’ll be reviewing is The Thing, directed by John Carpenter in 1982. It focuses on a group of researchers…

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The Monthly (Not So) Monger: Charcu-turkey Board Edition

Cold air is setting in and leaves are falling from the trees. As October drew to a close, I spent quite some time figuring out what to do for this month’s arrangement. The most logical type of board I could come up with for the fall season would be something hearty and abundant. It needs to be full and eye-catching, leaving no room for leftovers. Unlike the candy-filled board last month, I added many more…

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