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More Cheese Please, November

Setting the table and welcoming classmates to come eat – it’s possible to fit cheese into any occasion, so long as people are willing to try something new. This mid-month cheese segment emphasizes spending time with others through sharing food. A few, hearty cheeses are perfect for a group snack, and since Thanksgiving is almost afoot, why not come together and enjoy some crackers and cheese?

A cornucopia filled with Ritz crackers ensured the perfect soft to crunchy ratio for tasting. Oftentimes, cheese becomes too potent when enjoyed alone. Large blocks or pieces become a mouthful. The emphasis on taste depletes because people just want to finish the cheese. When crackers are provided, only a small piece of cheese is needed. Crackers also enhance the overall texture. As a salty and savory pairing, crackers are a must have for boards and snacks.

What’s better than cheddar? That question might prove challenging for some, but the answer is fairly obvious: sharp cheddar! Hence why I added Five Year Sharp White Cheddar into the dairy mix. Delicious when freshly cut, this salty sharp cheddar has an incredible bite to it. When unpackaging blocks of it, patches of calcium lactate are visible on the sides. People would often mistake the spots for mold, but it’s not, and is perfectly normal and 100% edible. This isn’t to say there will never be mold on sharp cheddar, but the calcium lactate just shows that the cheese was aged well and foreshadows a taste bud piercing sharpness.

The next cheese isn’t typically eaten on its own. Hoffman’s Super Sharp Processed Cheese is quite the mouthful, and a slightly misleading name. The taste is similar to that of Velveeta – a rich, creamy flavor. Texture wise, it’s soft and melts well. The most popular use for this cheese is Mac & Cheese, followed by Mexican dishes, being added to potatoes, and sliced up into various sandwiches. For fans of Velveeta cheese, this is the perfect substitute in block form. Though many wouldn’t eat an entire block, there’s no shame in enjoying something as savory as this cheese.

Food-flavored cheeses are a hit or miss. It’s challenging to match cheese to a specific taste like fruits or spices. But butter cheese is exactly what it sounds like. Even the smallest slice of it is like biting into a block of butter. The waxy soft texture takes a few seconds to chew, allowing for more time to embrace the flavor.

All of these cheeses, partnered with crackers, completed the lunchtime snack for friends and classmates. Food is a simple, yet tasteful way to bring people together. It provides a base of interest to build off of when learning about people in all environments. A meaningful form of giving and receiving, and perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

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