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Bursting Through Boundaries

With the conclusion of the fall season also comes the conclusion of fall sports. Forest Hills Eastern’s Junior Varsity Football team fought through every game until the end. Although they ended with a record of 2-5-1, FHE battled until the final seconds. As a newcomer to FHE last year, Mark Fuehrer (‘24), the quarterback for the Hawks, was able to push through competitions with grit and determination as he and the team aimed for victory. “It was a great season, we improved a lot throughout the year, and I was able to get to know my teammates really well,” Mark explained. Throughout the season, the Hawks were able to build their skills and develop teamwork that inevitably led them to a great win at the end of the season. 

This season, the Hawks faced off against Thornapple Kellog for one of their games. Although the game ended in a tie of 26-26, the hawks made an impressive comeback. Preston Hoexum (’24) and Will Morgan (’24) made great drives and helped the team score multiple touchdowns, showcasing the team’s new and improved skills.

Due to the restrictions brought on by COVID-19 last year, the players have not been able to experience a full and normal season together. This came as a challenge to the team as they had a more difficult time working together and mastering skills while still abiding by COVID restrictions. However, as the season progressed, they pushed themselves in practices and fought valiantly against their opponents. Even in defeat, the Hawks would bounce back stronger and overcome any possible boundaries. The season began with a loss of 0-42, but they did not let that determine what the rest of their season would look like. They came back in their next game and made it a difference of just one point. The Hawks always put their best effort forth when competing. With the majority of their losses being only by a couple of points, they were able to make great progress with their effort and skills. Cameron Wysocki, the head coach of the team, stated “we are very proud of the competitive spirit the team brought this season, and we can’t wait to see what they can do with their potential on the varsity level.” The potential of these players for varsity will be unmatched. As the athletes head into the off-season, they can hold their heads up high because they know that they will continue to improve and prepare to dominate their opponents with grit, determination, and most importantly, sportsmanship.

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